I love you <H~S>

This is about Delany
She has dark red hair with purple at the end
And green eyes
She suffers from anxiety,and depression
She has no one
Who will save Delany?


1. Who is the real Delany

Hi my names Delany I'm 16 and have anxiety issues and I cut

I'm very popular

But there all fake and everyone uses me

I hide my scars

I always wear cute tumblr things

My outfit today for school


I Jog out the door and get into my car

My sports car


Once I got to school I met all my friends to show off my new Chanel bag it was over 2000 dollars

You may think I'm some kind of show off glam girl but I'm not

I'm sensitive

I said bye to my friends as I walked to class

When I walked in I saw a really sad boy sitting in the spot next to me I sat in my spot and tryed to talk to him

"Hey I'm Delany, what's your name"

"Harry" he mumbled

"Well I see your sad and I wanna cheer you up" I say poking him

"Please don't poke me"he said shyly blushing

"Awww your blushing"

"I only blush around hot girls"he said

"Oh is that so,then why are you blushing right now"

"Because of you"

I blushed

Then me.grillibing started class

"Everyone we have a new student, his name is Harry Styles now everyone be nice to him"

Blah blah blah blah

Class was boring

Me and Harry exchanged smiles during class a little

After class we exchanged numbers

He looked really happy

I was happy 2

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