The Misfits

Ashton has the hugest crush, on his bestfriend Avery.
Avery and her 4 bestfriends are the misfits of the school
What will Ashton do to get his one and only love
Read "The Misfits" to find out what happens


1. Prouloge

                                                            Avery was the lead of the misfits

                                                    Her bestfriend was Ashton Irwin a drummer boy

                                              The other Misfits were, Mia, Lela, Cantelle, and Angel

                                          Avery has no idea that Ashton has the hugest crush on her

                                    Ashton also had no idea that Avery had the hugest crush on him

                             What will happen between the Misfits, The populars, Ashton, and Avery


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