1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Today was just like any-other day, I woke up, got ready for school and ran down stairs to eat breakfast. I made it down to the kitchen and noticed that my dumb ass brother wasn't downstairs.


While I waited for Ashton to come downstairs, I grabbed the fruit loops from the top shelf. Well I had to jump up on the counter, but I still got it. Fruit Loops are literally the most amazing cereal on this planet. I would marry it if I could. God what is taking Ashton so long? He usually gets down here before I do. Finally I hear the familiar squeak of the stairs and see a very sleepy, very hungover Ashton walk into the kitchen. Did he seriously go to that party? On a school day? Idiot. His usual green eyes are droopy and red, his sandy blond hair is a mess and his shoulders are hunched over.

"Ashton please don't tell me that you went to sone stupid party to impress some stupid girl." God my brother's an idiot.

"Sorry to disappoint you little sis, but I did." He answers sluggishly.

"And how's it feeling now?" I raise my eyebrows.

Ashton glares at me, "Shut up Shailene. Let's just get to school."

I put my hands up in defeat, roll my caramel coloured eyes and start walking towards the garage.

"And just so you know, I actually got to talk to her last night. It wasn't a total bust." Ashton says from behind me.

I laugh, and hop into the truck that we share. The ride to school is very quite, when I tried to turn the radio on Ashton complained about having a headache. Looks like someone didn't think his plan through. I don't see why he's so obsessed with this girl anyways, she's been dating the same guy all year so it's not like he has a chance anyways. I told him he shouldn't go, but he just said that I'm too uptight. Personally, I don't think I'm uptight I just don't think being surrounded by hormonal drunk teenagers is fun. Don't get me wrong, I can't still have fun it's just partying isn't my idea of fun.

When we arrive at the school we're greeted by two sweaty and breathless boys, Luke and Calum aka my best-friends. They're both hunched over and wheezing, I assume they were running.

"Have to..come to.." Luke breathes.

"Cafeteria..Michael starting" Calum sucks in some air, "Fight with... Aaron."

"Aaron? As in the Aaron that cheated on me Aaron?" I ask.

"Come on Shailene! Do you think we would run halfway across the school to tell you something about Michael Clifford if it wasn't important?" Luke wheezes. I don't understand why they hate Michael, he hasn't done anything to them..at least as far as I know.

This isn't exactly abnormal, Michael Clifford starting a fight. But with Aaron? That's weird, they were actually friends. Aaron never actually introduced me to Michael, but I still know how he is. Who doesn't? His pranks are to be admired, so is his badass sarcasm. Michael is pretty much the schools' bad boy he starts fights with everyone and anything, pulls amazing pranks, back talks teachers and is all around pretty cool. Now I've never actually met him but, I have my homeroom with him so I see him around. But why would he fight with Aaron? Guess I should go find out.

"Well let's go see what this is all about." I shrug my shoulders, flip my sandy brown hair over my shoulder, and start walking towards the cafeteria.

I can hear the chanting from here, the continuous "FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!" Isn't gonna be so good for Ashtons' hangover. Of course the first thing I see in the cafeteria is the gigantic crowd, most likely surrounding Michael and Aaron. I set my bag down on a table and start shoving my way through the crowd so I can actually, you know, see the fight. Michael has Aaron's shirt balled up in his fist and is preparing for a punch, but Aaron tackles him to the floor and pins him down. Now, Michael has never actually lost any of the fights he started so I assumes he's just dragging this one out. I look right at Michael and he looks over at me, I can see something shift in his eyes but it's gone to fast to identify what it was. Michael looks back at Aaron, who is winding up for another punch, and spits right in his face. The crowd cheers a loud "Ooooohhh" and Michael flips Aaron over to his back, and punches him over, and over, and over, and over. There is absolutely no way Aaron is getting out of this with just a little scratch, but why should I care? He's getting what he deserves.

"MR. CLIFFORD! MR. REID!" The principal, Mrs. Coles, yells as she walks into the cafeteria. But Michael, being Michael, doesn't listen until Mrs. Coles pushes her way through and starts separating them.

There's a collective recoil once we can just how bad a beating Aaron got. Not so poor boy's got an already blackening eye, a cut lip, a cut over his eye, and a bruised jaw. Aw, I don't feel bad at all.

"My office, NOW!" Mrs. Coles shouts. She doesn't wait to see if they follow, she just turns on her heels and walks out. With one last glare at, a heavily breathing still angry for some reason, Michael, Aaron follows Mrs.Coles to her office. Realizing that all the fun is over the crowd disappears quickly, leaving me and Michael alone. Michael doesn't move but I should probably get my things and get to class. But I can leave without knowing why Michael started a fight with one of his closest friends, so I don't move either.

"What?" Michael breaks the silence, fed up with it.

I stay silent for a few more moments, "Why, of all people, would you start a fight with Aaron? He's one of your friends."

"He's a jackass, not my friend." Michael mutters, running a hand though hus currently galaxy coloured hair. Did I forget to mention he dyes his hair a lot? Well he does.

"As far as I know he hasn't done anything to you." I retort.

"What's it to you anyways? Why would Shailene Irwin care who I start a fight with?" He shoots back.

"Just wondering." I shrug, and go to grab my stuff. My first class is L.A. and I already have the book we're reading, so I don't need anything from my locker. It doesn't take very long to get to my class, where my best friends and brother are waiting for me. For now I sit next to Calum, but today is the first day of a new month so we'll be getting a new seating plan. Calum is scrolling through instagram and spots something funny.

"Hey Shai, look at this." He giggles, and shows me what's on his phone. It was a dog wearing one of those horse masks, what the hell?

"I have to admit, I thought it was a real horse for a minute." I laugh, and Calum laughs along with me. The bell rings right as the teacher walks in, Michael walks in right after. I thought he was in the principals office? He probably has a regular punishment, that's why it didn't take so long.

"Ok class, settle down. As you know it's the first of February so that means a new seating plan." The teacher, Mr.Hayes, takes out a blue white board marker and starts drawing out the seating plan. I don't really pay attention, I just chat with Calum. When the teacher finishes the seating plan we all try to scout our names, Calum spots mine before I do.

"Ooohh Shai! You have to sit by." He fake gags, "Michael."

"Come on Cal! He's not that bad." I laugh, "I don't know why you guys hate him so much."

"He's a jerk, that's why." Calum growls.

"He hasn't done anything to you!" I protest.

Calum just gives me a stare, like he knows something but won't tell me and walks over to his new seat. I huff and bring my things to my new seat, beside Michael. Michael has a small cut under his startling green eye, it doesn't look to bad but it should at least have a bandaid on it. I reach out to touch it and when I graze the skin Michael flinches away.

"You should get that checked out." I murmur.

"It's fine." He snaps.

"I thought you went to the principa-" I attempt to speak.

"I got the usual, week and a half detention." He mumbles.

I decide it would be best if I stopped talking and started paying attention. The class breezes by, and I can't help but notice that Michael didn't take a single note. Well he can do whatever he wants, it's not my problem. The rest of school goes by pretty fast, and by the end of the day it's raining. Luke, Calum, Ashton and I were supposed to go to the beach today but I guess that's out.

My brother and my friends still want to hang out so we all just go back to my place for FIFA, food, and most likely a movie. As soon as we get in the house, they all rush over to the living room. To be honest here, Ashton doesn't even like FIFA he just has it for when Luke and Calum come over. I run up to my room and throw my school stuff in it, then go play FIFA with the boys. Ashton may not like FIFA but it's actually pretty fun.

--3 hours later--

"NO WAY!" That shouldn't have counted!" Luke yells after I beat him in a game.

"Deal with it." I laugh and lean back on the couch, when the doorbell rings, "I got it." I say and hand my controller to Calum.

When I open the door I find none other then a partially beat up, soaking wet, Michael Clifford.

Xxx Hey guys!!! So this is my new book "Unapproved" and I hope it'll get as popular as my other one! I really hope u like it, please comment what you lovelies think😁😁😁 Love you❤️❤️xxX

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