An Unwritten Poem

"You don't get that poem written about you."


1. An Unwritten Poem

You think you are okay on your own
But you know you're not.
On your own you suffer a lot
Yet you will never admit that.
I can see it from the way
You are gentle with everyone,
Even the ones who don't
Deserve it at all.
You bite your tongue everytime
You think you will say something
Out of the line and so you look away
To hide your doubts.
You want people to love you
And show you your worth
But you never say or do
And keep your head held high.
I can see how badly you
Want someone who will
Never put you aside.
Your hands tremble a lot 
And you are made of countless fears
Which grip you all the time.
You can't leave,
No, you can't just run away
Because you'll forget how to breathe.
You feel like a time bomb
Ticking towards the explosion
And you don't know what to do.
It is those three or four people
Who keep you sane and
Without whom, you would have
Forgotten your existence
Because you take forever to
Let someone in.
You are too careful to not wear
Your heart on your sleeves.
But when you do let people in,
It feels like forever.
Or almost forever
Like every other beautiful thing.


You make me smile when
You say you don't hope
Because I know how much hoping
You do everyday.
You hope for others and
Believe that the world can
Be a better place.
But I also know about the
Way you cry yourself to
Sleep at night because of the
Sadness. No, never because of the
Disappointment. You know all
Too well that with hope comes disappointment.
Hoping does hurt you somehow.
I find it amusing when you say
That you don't feel anything
When it comes to death.
You say that it numbs you,
And that it has been this way
Since you were a little girl.
How old are you now?
Do you feel mature enough for your age?
Are you ready for the world?


You like watching the moon
Because it makes you feel infinite.
You love the way the stars
Cover the sky and how
The possibilities are endless up there;
Something that is so, so uncommon
In the city noise and the
Mindless chatter around you.
You are different and your
Whole existence screams sincerity -
The way you dress, the way
You talk, the songs that you listen to.
You think being different is bad
And that the way your mind
Works is quite faulty.
You feel guilty for it but
I think it's marvellous.
I think it's breath-taking the way
Your eyes glimmer when you're happy,
The way you breathe, the way you
Glow when something good happens.
You are a wild-flower.
You can't be picked up but can
Only be looked at.
If you were me, you would
Love yourself the way 
The ocean loves it's shore.
You would love yourself
In a necessary kind of love.
You would love yourself enough to not die.


You have got me thinking
About things that are alluring
And my thoughts halted on you.
It has been so long since I have last
Seen you smile and I swear there is
No way of describing you other than
The poem no one would write for me.
That poem which is so good to read
Because you can actually see the way
Someone sees you and loves you
Enough to capture your essence
In a few stringed words.
But it never happens that way.
That poem does not come to
Rock you to sleep at night.
You don't get that poem written about you.
But an unwritten poem should never
Make you feel any less beautiful.
Don't ever think that you are not beautiful.
Not because of that.
Never because of that.


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