Family Secrets

Amazing cover by @Brynna S/S WS


1. The Truth

Hermione Granger was in her bedroom unpacking her school supplies when her parents called her downstairs. Her parents looked oddly nervous and that worried Hermione greatly because her parents were always so confident. Her mom slid a piece of paper across the table to her when she picked it up she was confused it was just a birth certificate. But when she looked closer she was even more confused at what she saw.


 Name: Andromeda Hazel Malfoy

Born: August 16 1979 

Witnesses Of Birth: Dan Granger(Half-Blood),Lilly Potter(Muggle-Born),and Severus Snape(Pure-Blood) 

We the three bloods do declare this child is legitimate and is the first daughter in five generations of Malfoys. If something were to happen to the Malfoys we the three bloods shall take this child under our wing. We Swear This On Our Magic And Life.

Hermione was quite confused and had a lot of questions so she asked the most important one "where is the Malfoy girl dad" her mother started crying "oh honey don't you get it you are the Malfoy's girl" her mom said  Then Hermione's  mom started crying again "they are coming to take you back" Hermione's  dad said. Hermione managed to stutter out "what if I don't want to go with them will you still force me". Hermione was distraught her whole life was a lie, her parents weren't actually her parents, and worst of all Malfoy was her brother the same one who always called her mud blood. And told her she didn't belong in the magical world because of who she thought her parents were blood. "I'm sorry Andromeda but they are your family and they have missed you I promise you will be safe and happy there 'Dan suddenly put in.Finally Hermione gave in after all even though Dan wasn't her dad she trusted him.          



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