Zee's Cover Shop

Come inside and take a peek?


1. Basic Introduction and Information

Hello! Welcome to Zee's Cover Shop! I'm sure you have lots of questions that I will answer. Unless I don't, in which case you should comment and I'll answer them. 


You probably know how cover stores work. You comment, I make you a cover, and I publish it as a chapter in this movella, where you can come to save it to your computer and upload it in the special section reserved for covers when you are editing a movella as the cover for said movella, right? Right.


So, this is pretty easy, though I do have a few rules, which I'm going to present to you in a very easy way called the flowchart, because I don't want to type everything in nice, long sentences, and you probably don't want to read my nice, long, typed sentences anyway. Also, #flowchartsarecool 


Pretty fancy, right? #flowchartsarecool Now, for the proper information...

Whoops, ignore the red auto-correct line. Technical difficulties. *sigh* 


Okay, I have just a few more things to say. First off, covers take awhile, and I have a life, so no instant guarantees, though I will try to be prompt. As far as image rights and such go, don't worry, every picture I use is free and legal. All covers will be 800 x 1000 pixels, which is the 4:5 ratio Movellas uses, so you don't have to worry about cropping. If you're wondering, I usually use use Canva to make covers (and flowcharts) and tend to find pictures on Pixabay. And, if you don't like the cover I make you I'll be happy to make a different one for you (or tweak the first one) as long as you're polite about it. So please, comment for covers!


Thank you very much,





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