Teardrops On My Guitar

Emily Hayes has grown up in the same town and went the same school as Louis Tomlinson.The two haven't really spoken to one another at all,but that all changes is high school.Louis randomly starts up a. Conversation with Emily one day after soccer and they become friend rapidly.But Emily starts liking Louis more than a friend and for a while she thinks she might have a chance with him.That hope only lasts for about month because Louis informs her that he is going out with the head cheerleader from another school.Emily pretends to be really happy for him at school and when they hang out but when she is home she barely does anything , all she does is cry.But that all changes when Emily discovers she has a talent in playing guitar and she forgets Louis for a while until his name is one day plastered all over every magazine.


1. Me a cheerleader?

Chapter 1

"Hey Em! Are you going to Cheer Tryouts with Sam and I ?" Megan asked as we both collected our binders and back packs from our lockers. "Uh yeah I guess." I replied. I knew I wasn't going to make the squad but I was only trying out to please my friends. Plus my mom was a cheerleader when she went to Halls Cross High and I knew it would make her proud in a way.I Finished collecting my math homework as Megan texted away on her Blackberry. "Ready ?"I asked. "Yeah Sam is waiting for us outside of the Gym." The two of us made our way down the stairs and before we could go in the Gym the boy's football team made their way in front of the Gym.

Megan shot me a glare and I shrugged in return. I recognised a few guys on the team,Danny Stevens was in my math class last year, this Andrew guy from Chemistry and Louis Tomlinson. Louis lives one street over from me and I've known him since I was about four. But we have never spoken before,at least I've spoken with Danny and Andrew before."Um can you guys move?"A girls voice said and the group of boys turned around , Megan and I turned around to see who it was. Sam, she was standing there with her arms crossed and eyebrows raised.

I quietly giggled and Andrew looked over at me but quickly turned his focus back on Sam."You heard me!"Sam pushed her way through the crowd of boys who were all gobsmacked. Then she motioned for Megan and I to follow. Once we shut the Gym door behind us we all burst end into laughter. "Oh my god did you see Dylan Summers?"Megan squealed. "Oh yeah and he was looking hotter than usual." Sam joked. Megan is sorta boy crazy , but it's only because she's trying to find a boyfriend. Sam on the other hand has other priorities and that's Saving money to go to New York. She's been dying to go there for as long as I can remember and the three of us are always coming up with new ways to save money.

As for myself, I just want to graduate and hopefully go to university. Megan and Sam started a conversation on who they thought was hot on the football team. "What about Andrew?" Sam asked as her cheeks reddened. Wow she likes him,this is actually surprising. "Ooh you so want him!" Megan announced a little too loud. Everyone in the gym had turned their focus on to us three idiots. So I decided to cover it up by doing a a cartwheel. When I looked up everyone was ignoring us again."Thank you so much Em!" Megan pulled me into this excruciating hug.

" Tryouts are about to start so if you are trying out please come sit on they bleachers and we will call your name." Coach Matthews called out. The three of us nervously walked to the bleachers and sat down. Of course we got a few looks from the group of snobby bitches who clearly didn't want us on the squad, but luckily they don't get to decided who gets a spot on the team or not, Coach Matthews does."Okay ladies first up is Amelia Jones." Ugh Amelia Jones, Halls Cross' "it girl". She has long blonde hair and this brown eyes that pierce right through you when she glances at you.

To top it all off she's a complete Bitch. Amelia stood up and went over in front of the bleachers, she did a double back handspring and ended in the splits and everyone started cheering except Me, Megan,Sam and the coach.A few more Mean girls tried out and Coach Matthews called my name. I shyly stood up and Sam sent me an encouraging smile.Once I was wear Amelia once stood I took a deep breathe , gulped and started doing a basic cheer I learned online. Finally I was practically finished and I ended it with a toe touch straddle. Megan and Sam were the only ones cheering this time and the coach even flashed me a quick smile. Soon everyone auditioned and we were all em patiently waiting to see who landed a spot on the squad. I'm pretty sure I didn't make it, all I can do is the dance moves, the Pom-pom shit and straddles.

I can't tumble at all and I don't think I ever will because I'm scared of heights,which sucks. As we waited I felt my phone buzz in the left pocket of my jeans, whoever it is can wait. I started thinking about earlier when the football team was in front of the door. I only recognized three guys but I've known Louis the longest but yet I barley know anything about him. "Okay so I have chosen who I want on the squad." The coach continued." Megan Thompson,Amelia Jones,Samantha MacKenzie,Elizabeth Walsh, Casey Stevens,Miranda Blue,and Emily Hayes. The rest of you can leave." Wait a second? Me a cheerleader? This can't be happening.

"OMG we did it!"Sam yelled and Megan pulled Sam and I into a group hug. I pressed the home button on my phone to display the time,'4:30'. Great I was supposed to be home twenty minutes ago! "Um I gotta go so could you guys grab me a uniform?" I asked ."Yeah sure!" I smiled."Thanks guys , I'll see you tomorrow." I grabbed my bag and my sweater then scurried out of the gym.

My mom wanted my home early because my cousin Caleb is coming to stay with us for two weeks while his parents are vacationing in Hawaii. I like Caleb because were the same age and we get along, plus he's funny in a way.I got into my dark blue Volkswagen Buggy and drove off to my house.When I pulled into the driveway a strange car was in my yard, I'm guessing it's Caleb.From what I can remember Caleb has light brown hair and green eyes, he's sorta attractive I guess. But I wouldn't know , being his cousin and all.

"Emily! Your home great!"My mom smiled really widely.I smiled back and payed my bag on the couch. "Yep." "Caleb's here." She said and left me alone in the living room. I was hoping she wouldn't leave me because I really don't want to want to have an awkward conversation with a cousin I haven't seen in about five years."Emily?" A male voice startled me and me focus again. I looked up to see a more mature and older looking Caleb."Hey!" I said maybe a little too enthusiastic. "Hey." He walked over and pulled me in for a quick hug. "How are you ?" "Great any big news?" He questioned."Yes actually, I tried out for cheerleading today and I surprisingly made the squad." Caleb smiled widely and I blushed and smiled back."Now that's the Emily I remember. " I laughed and he just smirked and shook his head.

A few hours later I finished dinner and had a nice conversation with Caleb and it was almost as if the five years we spent apart had vanished, which was great. Now I'm up in my room finishing my French homework. Just as I was writing down my last sentence my phone lit up telling me I had a message. Who could that be? I grabbed my iPhone and entered my pass code to unlock it then tapped on the messaging app.

Hey gurl! Open up we have uniforms! :D

From: Megan Sent at: 7:14pm

I smiled at the bright screen then ran downstairsu to answer the front door.I opened it to see two squealing girls."Em ! Here's your uniform,aren't they just the cutest!?" Sam asked very excitedly and I giggled at her."Yeah they're pretty." "Oh my god I cannot wait to see you in that, it will have to be documented." Caleb said walking into the hallway. Megan and Sam rose their eyebrows at me as if to say 'who is he and can I have his number?' I smirked at the thought of them fantasizing over him."Ha ha very funny, why don't you try it on for us Caleb?" I sassed. Sam and Megan were giggling as Caleb said "Ready?Okay!" In a super girly voice. Once he left the room.

The two love struck girls in front of me screamed "I call dibs!"at the exact same time. "Woah ladies, he's off limits for a number of reasons.1) he's my fucking cousin! 2) he may or may not be single 3) there's two of you and one of him.And 4) he's only here for two weeks." The two sighed before Sam spoke up."I have to get home, Matt wants to watch the Hunger Games with me." Matt is Sam's Boyfriend who is totally awesome. "Yeah my mom wants me to watch Stephanie tonight." Megan said. "Okay well thanks." I smiled."Bye Em , we'll see you tomorrow?" "For sure!" I chirped as they I shut the door.

A\N okay so this is probably my first fan fic where there's no such thing as One Direction. So if it's bad I'm so sorry! Anyway let me know how it is! Oh and btw when I say football I mean soccer. Just thought I'd clarify that. Thanks! 😘


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