Behind the Band (Completed)

The life of a popstar is never what it seems. You have people bossing you around, controlling everything you do. We aren't allowed to be ourselves, we can't hang out with who we want. We can't do what we want. This is the life of a boybamd.


1. May 15th, 2013


Once again, management has found a way to twist my words around and let the press look like I'm a complete dweeb. HD pics of Harry. Harry this, Harry that. What is up with that? What's so special about Harry. We're all regular guys. We all work the same amount. This isn't fair. Might as well be calling the band 'HARRY', cause that's definetly what it seems like. Seriously though, why do they have to tell me what to do? I don't even like most of these tattoos. In order to keep this 'mainstream hunky hobo' look, as they call it, they thought I should get more tattoos. This beard is really itchy too. This is just really annoying. I mean, I don't hate Harry... But....At the same time, I want to rip those little curls off his head. Don't any of the fans notice these things? Notice that they're forcing me to be anorexic. Out of the entire band, I have the least amount of freedom. I can't even sleep when I want. Forcing me to stay up to be skinny. It hurts, hurts alot.




May 15th, 2013

Do I love Harry or don't I? I think I did a little at the beginning, but after all this time, I think the feelings have gone away. Everything is focused on Harry. He's letting the fame get to his head. We were all really good friends at the beginning, but now we are five strangers singing on stage every night.

I wish management would let us live our lives, while persuing our dreams. I was put together with Eleanor. I love her. I'm just not in love with her. I want the best for her and I know she's not in love with me. It's like we're beards for each other. She was hired so that management can hide my love for Harry, and I was hired for her so that her parents wouldn't know she was in love with a juvenile gay man. Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if I wasn't famous. You know? Like not having to be told what to wear, how to act, who to love, what to eat, and basically how to live.

Sometimes I want to leave the band. Fame is not all it's cracked up to be.


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