The Orange Dilema

Throughout my life people have always told me that there was no perfect rhyme for orange this was my search to find the truth to my own disbelief. Was I wrong or was I right?


1. The Dilema and a (not) solution

All my life friends, cartoons, my family have always told me that there is no rhyme for Orange. I have never understood this as immediately what came into my mind was the word "range". But every time I have suggested this people have looked at me in disgust bordering on loathing and simply said I am wrong. But no one has yet to give me reason for this.

For years I felt that everyone else knew some kind of secret rule that and that is why I was wrong but I decided once and for all to solve my orange dilemma with and this is what I found  

rhyme [rahym]  Show IPA noun, verb, rhymed, rhym·ing. noun 

1. identity in sound of some part, especially the end, of words or lines of verse.

2. a word agreeing with another in terminal sound: Find is a rhyme for  mind and  womankind.  

Range is pronounced reynj and

Orange is pronounced awrinj or orinj  

Both sounds ended with an nj and I thought surely that must be a rhyme but then I noticed a small problem range had a sound ynj whilst orange had the sound inj. Was this the reason?  Was I wrong this whole time because I thought inj and ynj sounded the same.  

I didn't know what to do at this point and it seemed as if I had reached the end of the line but I then I noticed the show IPA button and decided to click it. For those of you who don't know IPA stands for international Phonetic Alphabet (according to goggle anyways) and it's those sguiggly things that are supposed to tell you how to pronounce a word but no-one know what they're supposed to mean and I found this both of them end in the same thing /ɪndʒ/

But why then hasn't anyone realized this. I know I must be wrong because the internet says so but why won't anyone explain? Perhaps it's just one of those things that I must accept or some sort of conspiracy theory. Maybe I really should accept that I am an idiot and move on with my life but won't someone please explain? 

Why range can't rhyme with orange?

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