Emily is a normal teenage girl till she turns 13 and discovers that her family is a protected group of gods and she must learn to control and harnest her newest powers. Everything is going great till someone trys to kill her and her. Now she is running for her life .


1. Discovery







A lighting bolt shot out from my hand. It melted the snow i was standing on. I still am learning how to control my powers. "Emily" my mother is saying to me, " focus, if you dont your going to cause all of Michigan's snow to become puddels." "Sorry, mom, i was looking at that moose." i say nodding toward the moose. " Oh this will be great practice for mind control." i rolled my eyes," what about controlling the weather? that sounds alot more fun the mind control with animals."  " mind control with animals is the first step to mind control with humans." she reminds me. " " righhhht." i say sarcastically. "come here moose, come here moosey mossey" i say to the moose in my head. The moose walks right to me and lays down at my feet. I honestly think that i did an amazing, wait amazing is an understatment, terrific job! i do a little happy dance. "Thats great Emily but you might want to try telling the moose something a little more difficult." Thats my mom for ya, if you think you did a pretty good job, she'll find a way on how you didn't. "Thanks mom, that makes me feel wonderful!" i say with noticable sarcasm. "Your welcome!" she returns it. i check my phone, its four a.m. , too early for me and the rest of michigan but not for my mom, or my dad or the rest of us. "Can i go back now? we've been out here for 3 hours and im starving!" i whined. "Emily, your supossed to be out her for atleast 6 hours a day, and" her phone rang. she looked at it, " Forget what i said, we can practice later." then she hurried in the other direction of the house. "Good bye moose, have a nice day." i said to the moose that was still at my feet and i walked away. I trudged into the house kicking off my boots and throwing off my white Ralph Lauren faux fur jacket. The vacation  cabin was warm and smelled like bacon. "YESSSSSSSS!" i thought in my head. I ran to the resturant sized kitchen. " Hello Emily."  Adam said from the stove top. Breakfeast is in the dinning room. " thanks Adam!"i said from the elevator. "Hello, emily" i hear in a british accent, "Oh,crap." i think in my head.

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