Zelda nerds

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Just like me, there are Zelda nerds out there.

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    First thing you should know: NEVER! I repeat, NEVER insult ANY of my favorite stories, books, people, fan-fictions, or OTPs... EVER. It will not end well for you. Second: I love talking. Talk to me,...   
    Best username there is in regards to Zelda
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    Proud member of the Snow Family. Hello! I am TheNerdWriter My fandoms are: (WARNING: There's a lot) Doctor Who Star Trek Star Wars The Hunger Games Harry Potter Percy Jackson and Heroes of...   
    Best Zelda comebacks ever!
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    Carmie-chan ♥
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    **Inactive. Please reach me though my Twitter, DeviantArt, or Instagram. Username: shackledfairy Carmie | ♀ | Scorpio ▲ ▲▲ I bear the Triforce of Power, Wisdom and Courage over grammatical errors...   
    Trust me, nothing is complete without a few Zelda stories.