Let’s Talk About Hogwarts Houses


Let’s talk about Hogwarts houses.


Well, mostly Slytherin, really.


See, I am a very proud Slytherin. I love who I am, and that’s because I know I’m capable, ambitions, I have my friends’ backs, and I know I will always work my damn hardest for improvement, whether that’s within me, or for some external project, or even a job. I will always do my best, sometimes even to the detriment of my own well-being (which, to be clear, is not good).


And I’m a little frustrated at J.K. Rowling for painting Slytherins in such a bad light. I get that in the earlier books it’s much easier to teach good and evil as black and white, or Gryffindor and Slytherin, but it’s very frustrating.


Especially when she tries to remedy that with… Snape. Who, we should be clear, is not a great person if Neville Longbottom’s biggest fear is him. Neville Longbottom, whose parents were tortured by deatheaters, is far more afraid of one of his teachers.


Not great.


And it gets especially annoying if we compare Slytherin to Hufflepuff. Why? Well, because kindness isn’t actually a trait of Hufflepuff. Look it up. But they’re described as being incredibly kind, even though about 50% of Hufflepuffs we get to know are actually above-and-beyond nice, as opposed to just being decent people. 


Slytherin got a bad reputation. J.K. tried to swing it by saying that Merlin was in Slytherin, but really, we only meet one nice Slytherin: Horace Slughorn. And that was towards the end of the series when most people’s opinions are solidified. 


I mean, most of all, I feel sorry for Ravenclaws; Warner Brothers can’t even get their merch right.


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