It's the Next Round of the Movellas Talent Show!

Next Round of the Movellas Talent Show

Many took part and 10 have been chosen to move on - see who we're looking forward to read in the next round!


It's the first ever Movellas Writing Talent Show and initially there were 50 entries showcasing all of your awesome writing skills. We're doing this competition a little differently and much like a real talent show, we have some movellians that are moving on to the next round... 


We began with an audition story and below are the 10 movellians whose entries passed through the "audition" phase - now comes the hard part! We are moving on to the next round and this time, there is a theme to follow. So - below are the 10 movellians and their stories that we're looking to hear from next. Write your entry following the theme of this round, which is a Midsummer Night's Dream. Wondering what we mean by the theme? Shakespeare aside, the interpretation is up to you, the theme is meant to challenge you all in creating a story that best captures it while at the same time showing off the talents you use in your writing.


For those who are linked and tagged below - you will have one month to compose your entry. This can be a new story or the one you already started for your audition, it's up to you. When you are finished, comment the link to your movella below. In the first round we asked you all to write a short story so we could see your writing style, this entry is allowed to be longer and in any form you choose, just be sure to stick to the theme we mentioned above :) After the June 20 deadline we will post a blog with the best of these stories (selected by your very own Movellas Team) and then there will be one last blog post where you all get the chance to vote on our 5 finalists!


Congrats to those who have moved on to the next round. Those movellians and their intriguing entries are...


#1 - Reminisce

by Anne Onymous



#2 - Runic Stygian Necrosis // Hood of Lightning

by jubjubird



#3 - Thoughts

by Anony Mous



#4 - Alone in the Dark

by Midnight Rogue



#5 - The Calm Before the Storm

by LucyFair06



#6 - Innocent

by Amaan.s_official



#7 - Elite

by fantaxyoreality



#8 - Stand Tall

by Zireee



#9 - Lost & Found

by lisavslisa



#10 - Coloured Errors

by Katie Pharoah


Good luck to all of you who are moving on and rest assured we're waiting with baited breath to see how these talented movellians will formulate their stories. Finish & link your entry on this page by midnight, Wednesday, June 20 2018.

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