ZA! Writing Competition Winners

by , Tuesday June 28, 2016
ZA! Writing Competition Winners


Your thrilling stories were all read in this writing competition - we're here to immortalize the winners



We launched this competition with movellian Molly Looby in celebrating the publication of her novel ZA! It's about zombies, it's about love, it's about survival and we all really, really want to read how the story ends. There were a ton of stories written on the end of the world, the zombie Armageddon, and apocalyptic events of all kinds but there were also hauntingly beautiful covers that went along with these spine-tingling tales we aren't soon to forget. You can find the best from this competition just below...  


Winners will receive signed copies of the new book ZA! We hope you enjoyed this competition - a big thank you to Molly for partnering with us and everyone else on Movellas who took part - your stories make us want to read much more of this horrific genre!


Missed the extract of the new book? You can still read it here.



1st Place

Prepper by ChelberNo1




2nd Place

From My Eyes by M.F. Park




3rd Place

All Is Not Lost by Prodigy



Best Cover

Purpose by Leigh Taylor





All winners will be contacted by email.


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